Padeol Ltd.

Reverse Logistics Solutions

Service Options


It's easy to assume that your delivery agent or your warehouse partner will cater adequately for your returns. Unfortunately that is not always the case, you will be surprised to discover a general reluctance to provide the sort of service we can offer. We are ideally set up to assist your partners in getting your reverse logistic needs accomplished at acceptable costs.

We will amongst other customised solutions:

  • Provide a local address for the goods to be returned to.

  • Managed all returned items to your specifications.

  • Where necessary or as adviced by you, arrange collection from your customer's address in a timely manner ensuring that they are not inconvenienced in anyway.


Exchange and Damaged goods


Customers may sometimes be reluctant to buy from businesses outside their country because of the high potential cost of returning damaged, unwanted or exchange goods.

  • We will provide a local street address for all your returns.

  • In addition we can also arrange collection from your customer's premises or redelivery.

We will send you an email detailing the reason for return and the condition of the goods returned.


Value adding Local Operations


We are experienced in this area of work and can offer service variations to meet your business objective. This includes shipping the returned goods back to your warehouse, storing the goods in our warehouse for as long as you need us to, Selling damaged goods on your behalf without using your brand.

So we can add value by:

  • Inspecting items ensuring they are as declared to your customer service team.

  • A local team that monitors and manages all your reverse logistic needs

  • Provide sameday arrangements for collection or redelivery to your customers.

  • We provide you with your own local address for postal returns or correspondence.

  • We will arrange for you your own local telephone line (0123…) or none geographic (08…) number.

Fulfillment Options


We will ensure that your customers have an easy experience returning goods that are for Exchange, Damaged on receipt, Incorrectly delivered or No longer wanted: