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Cost savings and customer care improvements worth having.

We are a dynamic business services company, with a simple objective; to make it easy for companies like yours to reduce costs. The work we do helps improve customer perception and creates a fast and efficient Returns Service that will meet your business needs.

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We have a wealth of experience handling returned items for various clients and welcome you to explore some of them.


Value Adding Local Operations

How you want to treat your returned items is unique to your business process. We have innovative ideas you will find valuable.



Exchange and Damaged goods 

Find out what we do here to asssist you respond quickly and manage your damaged items.

Local presence

We will ensure that your customers have an easy experience returning goods that are for Exchange, Damaged on Receipt, Incorrectly Delivered or No Longer Wanted. We will arrange for them to return the items to a PO Box free of charge or collect the items on your behalf from their home address.


Additionally, for your delivery agents, we will be there for them to deliver undeliverable items to. Such items may include goods pending delivery; where the addressee has gone away or the address is incorrectly reproduced on labels.